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"In this town, your choices of gym are limited, you have planet fitness, where a person can be kicked out for lifting too much, and you have Golds, where people go after getting kicked out of planet fitness. The end result is one gym where you go to stay fat, and another gym where everything is dirty and feels like a casting call for reality TV show.

Enter Sound Fitness - This place is everything that you want in a gym. The place is clean, they offer towels, and all of the staff knows your name, they know your goals, and they are always knowledgeable. I've never been stuck waiting on a bench to open because some guy cannot do a workout without checking his instagram in between sets. I can squat to my hearts content and no one will hit an alarm on me. It really feels like you joined a community. 

They also have a partnership with the drop in daycare next door, which lets me drop the kid off for super cheap while I'm there. It's most helpful."

- Anthony Ciochetto

"I travel extensively for work nationwide—Sound Fitness is a gem of a gym and wins my vote for best gym in the USA. It’s clean, the equipment is new, and every single person is helpful and friendly. Amazing place. More than 5 Stars!"

-Linda C.

​​​"My wife and I relocated to New Bern after raising two kids and running our family business for almost fifty years.  We were always very active with plenty of interests and hobbies that we knew would keep us occupied in our ‘golden years’.
We have been retired now for two years and are never at a loss for things to do, but something physical was missing from our lifestyle.  We joined Sound Fitness a few months ago and it has been life changing.  In this very short time you and your excellent staff have us both feeling and looking better than we have in years.
I have been in and out of many gym’s over the years and Sound Fitness is simply the best of the best.  Your facility is immaculate, very well equipped, the programs you offer are diverse and again, your staff is absolutely amazing. You should be very proud of the organization you have built and we look forward to being with you for many years." - Bill and Jenny Geraghty

"The Hapkido program at Sound Fitness is first rate. My son and I trained there for close to 2 years before we had to move. Master Albanese is an amazing instructor and inspirational coach. For children, they will learn this beautiful art of self-defense while gaining discipline and fitness in a fun environment.

For adults of all ages, they will experience newfound flexibility and endurance and begin to feel younger and even empowered! The boxing for fitness class is truly an unforgettable workout you'll want to experience repeatedly! Master Albanese and the Sound Fitness team hold the best-kept secret for martial arts in the New Bern area that's affordable, conveniently located, and loads of fun."

- Manuel Jimenez-Velez

What our friends say about us...

"The best thing about Sound Fitness is the STAFF!" - Elaine Ely

"While at Sound Fitness the other day I wondered if all of Taberna knew just minutes away on Airport Road is one of the finest physical fitness facilities in New Bern. Their professional well trained staff of instructors conduct classes from Aerobics to Zumba and provide professional grade golf balance and conditioning equipment. The latest in fitness machines also compliment this fitness center. The Sound Fitness staff is very customer satisfaction driven for complete mind and physical well being."

- Bruce Gemmill