Personal Training

If you are new to exercising and need motivation or are in need of a new plan to break through a training plateau, hiring a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals.  Your Trainer will take you through every step of the workout, providing guidance and motivation to get the most out of the workout for that day. Having a Trainer will give you the maximum workout with the least amount of thinking or hassle.  We offer many session packages and small group training options. Contact us for more information.

Group Fitness

We have many offerings for organized group fitness and advanced training. Our certified instructors make these classes fun, energizing and motivating. Complimentary classes are included in your membership.               CLASS DESCRIPTIONS

Specialty Programs

Our Specialty programs are for those looking for more challenge, more intensity or a specific focus.  Bootcamp is designed to challenge individuals in a small group dynamic in both indoor and outdoor settings.  Pilates Reformer will help build core strength, tone, and sculpt your body while improving range of motion and flexibility.  Small group yoga training is designed to achieve a more intermediate level of yoga postures and poses with the coaching and guidance of a hands on instructor.  Prices will vary and sessions are always starting!  Contact us for more information.

Hap Ki Do

Hap Ki Do is a traditional Korean Martial Art, emphasizing basic blocks and strikes, which are then combined into forms. Students learn all the basic fighting form, kicks, punches and combinations, along with rolling techniques, joint locks and simple/effective self defense moves. Through martial arts training, our style focuses on instilling in students the values of self-discipline, concentration, motivation, perseverance, and the ability to apply the same to all other aspects of their lives.


DRx (Doctor Recommended Exercise Program)

The DRx (Doctor Recommended Exercise Program) was designed to help those who have a medical or health concern and need a place to start.  With your health care provider's referral, we can design a program for you to get you started or to help transition you from the physical therapist's clinic to exercising on your own.


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