Can I try before I buy?  
Yes, we offer a free week pass to anyone who would like to try our facility before they make a membership decision.  We want you to meet our staff, other members, and give us a chance to earn your business. At the end of your seven days, if we haven’t already earned your business, then you are free to decide what would be best for you.

Do I have to sign a contract? 
No, if you wish to pay by the month, you can purchase a $60 one-month pass which is good for a full month. If you purchase on the 15th of one month, it will expire after the 15th of the following month. We offer a no-term agreement along with our one and two year annual agreements, which must be set up for automatic billing. If you are not sure about your commitment level you may want to opt for the no-term agreement. If, on the other hand, you are ready to go and you know you will stick with it, you may want to save money by choosing a one or two year agreement.

Do you offer childcare?  
We do not offer in-house childcare here at Sound Fitness.  However, we have partnered with Playdate Drop In Daycare and Sound Fitness members can get a discounted rate (50% off!) on a package of 24 hours.  Please contact Playdate on Glenburnie Road at 252-633-5557 with any questions.  Simply check in with your Playdate card and we keep track of the time you are here working out.  Discounted rates apply only while you are working out at the gym.  

I am in the military. What happens if I get deployed or have to relocate? 
No problem. All we ask is that you provide us your orders 30 days in advance of your deployment or relocation. If you are deploying but would like to return to our club upon return – we’ll just put your membership (and billing) on hold. If you will be relocating the same applies.  Just provide a copy of your orders and you will be released from any agreement you signed without incurring an early release fee.

Are there any incentives with a membership signup? 
Yes! We understand that getting started is not the easiest thing in the world and there is competition, so our incentive gifts are our way to say thank you and to help set you up for the maximum experience at our club. When you join, you will receive 5 free personal training sessions which include a free equipment orientation to learn how to properly use all of our equipment, a fitness assessment with one of our highly educated trainers, and free body analysis to learn about your body. We also offer a free smoothie and a Sound Fitness t-shirt.

What are my payment options? 
Payment for membership is by EFT draft from a checking, savings, debit or credit card. We do not bill or invoice for membership fees nor do we accept payment in person each month for membership dues. Payment has to be made via EFT. 

Can I get a deal? 
Every member is important to us; therefore, we don’t make individual deals with new members.  We want to be fair to everyone by being consistent and demonstrating integrity in all our relationships. Any deals or discounts will be offered to all our members.

Do you provide lockers and towels? 
Both. We have daily use lockers for which we suggest you bring your own lock.  We do provide small towels for wiping sweat or machines and large towels for any showering needs.  We also provide body and hair soap as well as hair dryers. 

How do I check in when I come to work out? 
We will assign you a membership key tag that you scan when you walk in the door to make things fast and efficient.  If you forget your key tag we can simply look up your name in our system and get you going.

Do I have to register for group classes? 
Most of our group fitness classes come with your membership but we do have a few specialty classes that have a limited amount of space and require registration.  

Can I call to book training or other club activities? 
Any activity can be booked over the phone by calling our desk as 252-639-2582 and any fee-based service can be handled over the phone with a valid credit card. 

How do I bring a guest? 
Guests are always welcome at our club.  Sound Fitness members can bring a guest for free.  We ask that all guests register with the front desk to fill out the waiver.  Once we have them in our system, they do not need to fill out the waiver on a subsequent visit. Guests can only come in with a paying member and we ask that a member bring one guest per visit.  

What happens when my agreement date ends? 
Your contract will roll to a month-to-month agreement until/if you decide to resign. You will be able to keep the rate you were paying as per your agreement.

If I’m not a member, can I sign up for your specialty classes? 
Absolutely, we welcome anyone to take our fee-based classes. We also offer a CLASS PASS to non-members interested in only taking group fitness classes.  A ten-class punch card is $70 and is good for two months from date of purchase.

If I leave something at the gym is there a lost and found? 

Yes, we have a bin which we keep in a secure area with things that people have left behind. Just notify someone at the desk about the item you have misplaced and we will see if we have it.